This website, Akira's YSflight Field, was created to release aircraft add-ons that I made
for YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR, and wanted all YSflight pilots around the world to fly. The
flight simulator is well-known as a great flight simulator created by Captain Yamakawa,
which you can get for free. To know more about YSFS and download, please visit here
You can fly the aircraft released on this website after you installed YSFS on your PC.

Akira's Aircraft Pack

This package includes the aircrafts that I made.
This page and pack has not been released yet.

Akira's Repaint Pack

This package includes the aircrafts that I painted. The base aircrafts have been made
by other creators and allowed to repaint. To know more and download the package,
please click the button in the menu on the left side.

How to install and fly the aircrafts?

Downloading and opening the packages on this page, you'll see a file named "readme.txt"
inside the packages. This is a very important note that I wrote everithing that I wanted you
to know before install and flight. So please read "readme" at first. How to add and fly
these add-ons will be clearly indicated on this note.

I have a problem on the aircrafts....

If there is anything you noticed or problem you had on these aircrafts, please let me know.
I'll try to find a way to solve it and let you know. Please click "Contact" in the menu on the
left side, and ask me through e-mail that is indicated on this Contact page.

Please do NOT ask about problems or what you noticed to other creators or
Captain Yamakawa.
These aircrafts are my work, so it is rude to ask other people
about them. And also, please do NOT post your questions or problems on BBS
on other websites. Ask me directly about anything.

May 7th, 2009

     Copyright @ Akira   Last Update : June 7 2009
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